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Knowledge is power. Our experts are answering your questions on how to care for your mental health during these uncertain times.

*Please note: Shine does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. If you have physical health questions, please consult a healthcare professional directly. And if you’re in a mental health crisis, text 741741 to talk with a crisis counselor at Crisis Text Line.

Ask an Expert

Patricia Thompson, Ph.D.

Dr. Patricia Thompson is a corporate psychologist, executive coach, and speaker who is passionate about helping her clients to enhance their happiness and success at work. A frequent writer and media contributor, her advice has been featured in The Harvard Business Review, Forbes, Fast Company, INC, and many other media outlets.

Anna Rowley, Ph.D.

For over 30 years, Anna has worked as a consulting psychologist, with an emphasis on uncovering the power of resilience. Her work is rooted in the belief that we're at our best when our aspirations stretch and don't get discouraged. She believes that we thrive when emotions fuel—rather than flood—our wellbeing, when we accept and don't censor all of who we are, and when we use our life experiences as the script for our stories.

Ashwin Vasan, MD, Ph.D.

Dr. Ashwin Vasan is the President and CEO of Fountain House, a non-profit that addresses the global impact of mental illness and social isolation. His current work at Fountain House focuses on the intersection of public health, mental illness, homelessness, criminal justice, healthcare, and social welfare for marginalized people and communities. He has been published extensively in peer-reviewed journals and outlets including Huffington Post and The Marshall Project.