How can I keep myself mentally healthy while having to practice social distancing?

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

Feeling cutoff from friends and classmates can create a number of problems.

The first thing you may already be utilizing is technology; FaceTime; SnapChat; Facebook etc. is an obvious way to maintain social contact.

One of the main things that no work and no school impacts is structure.

Both impose a structure on how and where we spend our time so the second thing you can do is impose some structure on your routine.

Set a structure for yourself for the day and stick to it. Drifting through the day can promote feelings of stress.

Keep yourself mentally active. Binging on afternoon TV or reruns of Friends might be OK for a day or two but we all need something to keep us mentally engaged. What do you have that engages you intellectually and emotionally?

Focus on emotional self-care. One thing the COVID-19 virus is forcing us to do is spend more time with ourselves. Take the time to catch up with yourself and use the opportunity to think about some of those things you may have ignored or put off.

Dr. Anna Rowley

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