I want to isolate myself from everything but can't due to work. I think I’m gonna die. What do I do?

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

I think you are talking for many people when you describe your feelings about the virus, however, its important to put self-isolation and the virus in context. Have you taken a look at the CDC or WHO COVID-19 sites? They both describe practical steps you can take to protect yourself. Implementing their advice may make you feel less overwhelmed.

As far as the impact of staying in one place for a long period of time we advise structure, social media and self care.

Structure: If you self-isolate then make sure you impose structure on your days. Don’t free-style and wake up in the morning wondering what you are going to do with your time.

Social Media: Social media isn’t about checking what’s happening with the virus, its keeping in touch with friends. Social networks are really important during these uncertain times.

Self-care: Self care is making sure you manage your worry, stress and anxiety. There are a number of resources we are providing to make sure you manage your emotional well being.

Regarding your job, if you choose to self-isolate set yourself up for success by following the guidelines provided by CDC and WHO.

Dr. Anna Rowley

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