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How do I cope with my coronavirus anxiety?

"Try to remember that anxiety is a blend of fear and hope, and see if you can keep the hope part in mind too."

What if I also have OCD or existing anxiety?

"All this attention to germs, hand-washing, or illness can bolster anxious thoughts on these topics, and so if you're having more of them, that's completely normal."

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How do I stop an

anxiety spiral?

“The ultimate goal is to find a way to mitigate your stress, while still keeping up to date on information that will keep you and your family safe.”

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What practices do

therapists recommend?

We took some of your top questions on how to cope with coronavirus anxiety and turned to two of our favorite therapists to get some answers.

What can I do when I feel panicked?

"You could spend all day and night reading headlines, news alerts, or tweets but this 'does not change your risk of getting coronavirus."

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How do I keep things

in perspective?

"It is normal to feel overwhelmed but what we can labeling ourselves as 'weak' or comparing ourselves to others."

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Is my chest tightness anxiety or COVID-19?

"One common symptom of COVID-19 is chest tightness & shortness of breath. As it happens, they are also common symptoms of anxiety."

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How can meditation help?

"The first step when we get really gripped in fear is to calm our sympathetic nervous system. A simple way to do this is with long, deep breaths."

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How do I quiet my mind to fall asleep?

"Sleep is hard when anxiety levels are high, such as in the case of a pandemic."

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The Facts
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How do I combat loneliness

while staying home?

"People all around the world are likely experiencing similar feelings to you. Reach out to people — you won't regret it.”

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What is self-quarantine like?

"Getting lonely is natural, so also use this time to connect with yourself or call a loved one."

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How do I set up self-care practices for being alone?

"Being comfortable by yourself is hard, especially during this pandemic—but there are ways to make it feel a little easier."

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I'm working from home—any tips?

"It’s important to socialize to compact the inherent loneliness and isolation you’ll feel while out of a traditional office setting."

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How do I keep my

relationship healthy?

"It’s OK to acknowledge the ways your relationship is being affected by the coronavirus crisis."

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What does social distancing even mean?

Experts weigh in on whether you should cancel your dates, dinner parties, and gym sessions.

Financial Fears
Practice Mindfulness Daily

Stress and anxiety affect all of us, especially during times of uncertainty. At Shine, we’re committed to helping you manage your mental health during the pandemic and beyond. Start checking in with your mental health every day using our free app.

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How do I cope with financial stress?

"Think of ways that these economic challenges can motivate you to find healthier ways to deal with stress."

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Should I change how I save and spend right now?

"The most important things to do with your money during the coronavirus outbreak, according to 5 financial advisors."

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What do personal finance experts recommend?

"You really don't need [to buy] all the food you could imagine for the next 6 months."

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What if I can’t work from home?

"The remote work gap is just one way the coronavirus outbreak is underscoring inequalities inherent in the American economy."

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Can I count on a stimulus check?

A guide on all things pandemic finance, including government benefits, free services, and financial strategies.”

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Am I alone in experiencing xenophobia?

"I want to detail what it has felt like to be an Asian person in America since the outbreak of the new coronavirus."

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How do I practice self-care if I'm facing discrimination?

"Simply hearing about the widespread xenophobia can affect your mental health."

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How are other Asian Americans feeling?

"Even a single cough or sneeze can trigger harassment."

For Parents
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How do I help my children stay informed?

Try this comic for kids explaining the new coronavirus, created by NPR.

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What if my kids are playing games that mention


"Play can be a healthy way for kids to process the news and can give parents insight into their emotional state."

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How do I help my kids if they're anxious?

"Try to process any fears you may have before you talk to your children, whether it’s by talking to a friend, a partner or a therapist."

Additional FAQs

What do I do if I’m sick?

Learn more from the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) 

How can I find my local health department?

Use this tool to help you search for local health departments in your area.

What if I’m having a mental health crisis? 

If you’re struggling, know that seeking help is a strength—not a weakness. Crisis Text Line is a free, 24/7, confidential support to people in crisis in the U.S., U.K., and Canada. 

Or: Contact the Disaster Distress Helpline (DDH), which provides crisis counseling and support for anyone in the U.S. experiencing distress or other concerns related to disasters, including public health emergencies. Call 1-800-985-5990 or text TalkWithUs to 66746.

What if I’m having mental health issues abroad?

This list includes emergency mental health resources across the globe.

Practice Mindfulness Daily

Stress and anxiety affect all of us, especially during times of uncertainty. At Shine, we’re committed to helping you manage your mental health during the pandemic and beyond. Start checking in with your mental health every day using our free app.